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Quinn stories of the day...

I got home and got the report from Grandma and Quinn was super-excited about his new "M'ia clothes" (tie-dye pants and shirt from flyingwolf--you can buy your own for boys and girls of all ages at He was so excited that he did two extremely unusual things--he dressed himself (including pull-ups, which may be a first) and he stated that he wanted to go to the potty without prompting, and stuck with it much of the day before finally having an accident.

Needless to say prettypammie and I are very sad to have missed all this. We were out all day "kissing frogs." None turned into Princes.

Quinn was very industrious--helping Grandma pull down wall-paper and wash the car--he really liked the buffing and polishing part. He also did some chalk artistry in the back yard and playing with the little boy across the street. A very full day for the young feller--he was out cold by the time we got home.

Before we get asked again: WE HAVE NO EASTER PLANS WHATSOEVER. It's not our holiday, remember? (Heh--I know most of you know that already...I've mainly been asked umpty times by strangers in the last couple of days). For those of you who do celebrate it, I hope you have a good one.

Hugs to all!

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