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Workout updates... - A Suburbs Boy Living a Country Life [My Flickr Photos]
March 3rd, 2004
03:35 pm


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Workout updates...
I've still been being very good...this weekend was the first weekend that I didn't get my weekend workout in since starting (as you can see, with Pam out of town I was very busy watching and doing things with Quinn).

Last night I did swimming with the boy....I was the mean ogre daddy and wouldn't let him climb the ladder or stairs. He knows how to climb out at the wall. We practiced jumping in, too...one time we jumped in together holding hands. He thought that was great fun.

Oh dear..my computer is making unhappy noises...is it the fan? is it the drive...sigh..

Anyway, I really worked up a good sweat last night on the treadmill...but my shins are DYING today b/c I forgot my sneakers, so I was running in my Ecco's...which, aside from looking stupid, just doesn't feel as good.

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