Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

My family is so geeky we're lucky the cat doesn't have his own LJ and IM acounts...

[14:17] [My Mom]: Quinn will like their condo
[14:17] [My Mom]: are you staying with them?
[14:18] PLThomasVA: yep
[14:18] PLThomasVA: everybody is excited
[14:19] PLThomasVA: Quinn was telling his teacher about his upcoming airplane trip
[14:20] [My Mom]: was he understandable
[14:20] PLThomasVA: oh yeah
[14:20] PLThomasVA: and Ms. Joanne asked who he was going to see
[14:20] PLThomasVA: Uncle OWEN!
[14:20] PLThomasVA: I prompted...annnnd?
[14:20] PLThomasVA: and he replied UnCLE Greg!

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