Peter 'Happy' Thomas (happypete) wrote,
Peter 'Happy' Thomas

Exercise update...

for...well, let's be honest, nearly a year, I've been a slug. I'm weighing in just under where I was when I started Weight Watchers way back when...I've decided, though, that I'm now a fit 165-pounder in the making...just have to take off a few dozen pounds here, work up some nice healthy, calorie-burning muscle tissue there.

I love the fitness center at the YMCA...the circuit training system automatically records my sets for me so every month or so I can run a report and see my progress without having to lug pen and paper around.

I have a system set up--take Quinn with me to the gym, nuke up dinner packed that morning for the two of us, drop him off with baby-sitting, change, run and lift, pick up my stuff, pick up Quinn, try to jet home to start the bed-time ritual at something resembling close to the right time. That's the plan twice a week during the week, and one workout on the weekend. So far, so good, two weeks in--with minor hiccups to get the scheduling unkinked with home logistical requirements.

I'm a little sore--but it's a good sore.

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