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Christy's mom rocks the Casbah...

I called christilyn, I don't know, to confess my Points "Sinning," I guess. (I shotgunned three handfuls of Mike and Ikes from a bag a coworker left up for grabs in the kitchen at work). I totally blew my points for the day and was depressed after doing so well on day one.

Christy wasn't there, but her mom was. She "talked me down" a little, gave some good advice. Talked about her experiences, good and bad. It's no wonder I love Christy so much--awesomeness is in her genes.

So anyway, when I got my final munchie attack of the day, I looked it up. 7 stalks of celery = 0 points _ and _ catches me up on those veggie servings I didn't get earlier in the day. (Neither a Mike nor an Ike are a vegetable).

If I get to like celery too much, I'll be in trouble, though...the formulas round to the nearest 0.5 points, so all "0 points" really means is "between 0 and 0.25 points." One of my dear friends said "celery, the only food known to man that burns more calories then it adds." Well...not exactly...according to the Points calculator, if I ate 210 medium stalks of celery, that would be my maximum points for the day of (27).

Not only that, I'd be no fun to hang around with for a few days thereafter.

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