November 9th, 2009

lookin' good

"RT" from Pam's Facebook status

Pam Ochs
Baby girl sayings: Words: Hello ("Hah-lahhhhhh"), All Done, Mama, Dadda, Uh-Oh ("Ah-Ahhhhhhhh") Signs: More, Cookie, Water, Banana, All Done Other Gestures: Give Kisses ("Muh!"), Blow kisses, Two-handed beckon, Pick-Me-Up Other Sounds: "Prrrrrrrrr" (kitty), "Urf, Urf" (doggies), "Shhhhhh" (with finger on lips, be quiet) "Ffffffff" (cooling food)

Dad's addenda: we're working on "Eat" [fingers to lips], she has some sort of word for her Brother but we haven't figured out how to reproduce it, she is close to picking up banana, and I think she made the sign for mother [palm open, fingers spread, thumb to chin twice] tonight.

N really seems to like signing and being understood--I had no idea how empowering ASL could be for hearing kids, but apparently it does a lot for them while also accelerating spoken language [because they've already started communicating with gestural language even before their vocal development catches up to form the spoken words].  So, we're learning sign language, a bit at time.

I'm terribly frustrated because everyone in my family can make the kitty "purrr" sound with their tongues...I can only blow raspberries, which just isn't the same.  [Yes, I cannot roll an "R!"  If anyone can teach me, great--Pam has tried to no avail].