November 21st, 2008

lookin' good

Voice Post

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“Hey everyone well I put up instant messages status up last night about just ___ and I hadn't given more updates after that. So here's the story Clint was playing at day care your messages status of life by about Gwen too and I haven't giving any more update after that so here's the story, yesterday Courtney's playing at day care and got time to buckle his feet and fell right into the middle pole on a chair and broke a big trunk off of his right front of his tooth and wiggled the next one over to the right so it was bleeding quite a bit and long story short we couldn't get a hold of our dentist but he finally call back that he will caught a plane to Chicago we're in Chicago and then we try to call the office and he didn't call back ___ have us a took a little chip of tooth getting filth overnight and Tam and I found a pediatric dentist this morning and Pam went there and she ___ back off and check them out so tooth is broken and tooth was repaired and she said there's a good chance that it will be ok so alright that's the news for now. Take care.”

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