October 24th, 2008

lookin' good

Darn you all to heck, Kay Kenyon

That's another night's sleep I won't get back...but, Fnord! What a great yarn.

Oh, I should note that this is Volume 2 of this incredibly engaging, page-turning world. Volume 1 already chewed up a couple of late nights. Here's the link to it:

Oh, right, I forgot what--over and above the joy of reading them--quickened the impulse in me to drag myself to my desk to point you at her books. I stuck it all the way through to the Author's Note. I don't always get that far--generally only when the momentum of the tale has left me looking for another fix, another jolt. In the note, I found that Ms. Kenyon blogs here as kenyonsf. Oh, and fiddle_dragon, et al., it appears she is also a was raised a Minnesotan--I'm guessing she's well known to you already, but just in case...

Okay, I'm rather incoherent. I'm finding that I'm having to edit fairly simple sentences to come close to syntactical soundness, let alone sense...so on this note, I'm dragging back to the bedroom and under the covers...well, okay, right after I add her blog to my friends list.
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