August 30th, 2008

lookin' good

Welcome to the digital era...

Thanks to joining the TiVo Software Version 9.1.3 pre-release, and my DTV coupon from the gubmint, we are now getting digital programming on the upstairs TV and TiVo.

Sadly, even after a check of the cooling fan and a little love from the can of air, the DVD recorder feature of TiVo seems to still be toast. Sadness!
lookin' good

A thought for all Gustav evacuees

A WWII-era poster encouraged American women to...Image via Wikipedia I remember the days following Katrina, how we were glued to the web, the TV, the blogs of interdictor of survivors--evacuees and those holding their ground. We argued the nuances of evacuation, and the politics of poverty [at least once to an unfortunate impasse that still stands today].

The storm track of Gustav looks ominously familiar--and in some ways even more dire than Katrina's did, as I recall. We can only hope that it doesn't take such a direct track, and instead one of those vagaries of the weather catches it at the right moment and it veers away from cities, loses strength, and this passes into history.

As it is, I'm sure ad-hoc networks and phone banks may need to be stood up on a dime and with calls flooding in the moment the switch is turned. Unlike 2005, I cannot be away from Pam for too long--and there's no way that she can do the bustling around, standing over and crawling under desks, but I stand ready to head in to the Red Cross again and put on the yellow hat of volunteer IT support.

It may make more sense to do something I can do from home--but unfortunately there's precious little that hams not in the affected area of a disaster can really do.

If money weren't so tight, I'd break the piggy bank and help--I'm afraid that I'm not the only one with a tight money situation, though. Can the already stressed Red Cross infrastructure stand the blow of another major disaster when the influx of fresh donor money may be far less than the response in more prosperous years?

I fear for the worst. I hope for the best.
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