April 8th, 2008

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Soliloquy of a Down Computer

To bit, or not to bit: that is the program.
Whether ‘tis nobler in the C.P.U. to summon
The registers and status flags of erring language,
Or to make bytes against a loop of bugs,
And, by modifying, debug them? To lose power; to drop bits;
No end; and by a power down to say New
To the errors and surge shocks
That silicon is heir to, ‘tis a compulsion
Completely to program. Ay, there’s the Fault;
For in that power down what surges shall come
When we have shuffled off this induction coil,
Must give us a Break command. There’s the program.
That makes errors of prolonged power up;
For what would bear the brownouts and surges of overheating,
The user’s moan, the disk drive’s wild whir,
The pangs of lost floppies, the assembler's delay,
The errors of the A/LU and the incompatibility
That requires patches of the obsolete,
When itself may destroy possessed programs
With a static fire?
With apologies to
William Shakespeare
Peter Thomas (13), Longfellow Intermediate
Collected by sew_200e from her personal archives; originally published in Fragments the Fairfax County Public Schools Literary Magazine, 1984 ed. [minor typographical errors corrected]
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