January 1st, 2008

lookin' good

Well Whadda Ya Know?

One of my favorite "Stevie Nicks" tunes, "Cry Wolf," was actually by Laura Branigan [who died in 2004]. The things you find when Googling around for a music video Pam remembered from the 80's. She couldn't remember the artist, title, or even any lyrics--just some visual recollections from the video. Yes, I found it. I am the Google-meister.

Oh, whoops...Missed midnight whilst Googling...Happy new year. Must go give kiss.
lookin' good

The privilege meme...

Yes, I'm quite privileged according to this meme. You've seen it a dozen times, so this is just the "not" list. Everything else would have been "bolded."

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Now back to cleaning the house. Where's the item for "Your family had a maid or cleaning service when you were growing up." I could use some of that action now.