October 1st, 2007

lookin' good

Some democrats appear to be realizing that there's no real difference between the parties

For those that don't know, Ron Paul is running as a Republican, but his historical views are most closely aligned with the Libertarian Party platform.

He votes no so often on any bill that he views as an extra-constitutional expansion of the federal government's authority, no matter which party sponsored the bill or how popular it is. People often call him "Dr. No."

Honestly, that's not such a bad title to have.

According to the author of this article, he's contemplating crossing party lines for the first time because all of the viable democratic candidates have started to waffle on the issue of ending the war in Iraq immediately.

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lookin' good

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I realized that some people might read it as giving my tacit approval to the views of the author of the poll or Ron Paul.

I do not advocate a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq. We didn't get into this mess overnight, and there are no "quick fixes" to dig our way out without ending up worse-off in the end.

I posted it merely as an observation that politics are making strange bedfellows again.

In other news, I miserably, miserably sick...one of those [I hope] once a year colds that just knocks you flat on your back.