August 10th, 2007

lookin' good

Grunt groan

Abbreviated run today. I was on a tight timeline already, because Pam needed to go before I would have gotten back, and I'm taking Q to be with my dad today. So, I pounded extra hard, trying to make up for the shorter duration--but I'm guessing it was either too hard, or forgetting to drink my pre-run glass of water was double-plus un-good. In any event, before I even got to my notional early turn-around spot, I was hurting bad and reduced to a gimpy walk. I'm sure Coal was disappointed.

Apparently there's no sign of elfwench's son yet. Thanks to those of you who have taken tangible steps like notifying acquantances in the area, and those that have sent positive energy their way.

For now, off to work.

Tonight: DATE NIGHT!
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lookin' good

Update on elfwench's son...

There's a voice post here. Apparently he is found, he is a hospital, in the ICU with "possible brain damage."

I know it's a terribly frustrating tid-bit of news for those who have been sending positive thoughts. At the very least he is found. Obviously given the gravity of what news we have, I 'm still concerned and hoping for the health and recovery of a faraway friends' son.
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