July 26th, 2007

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Han Shot First -- so?

Okay, I'm 37 years old.  I've been a science fiction reader--and movie watcher--for almost thirty years.  Somehow I completely missed the whole "Han Shot First" imbroglio.

Han shot first.  There's no question about it.  There was no need to edit the scene to make Solo's use of deadly force more justified.  The instant Greedo trained his blaster on Solo, Greedo's life was forfeit.  When faced with a deadly weapon, you don't wait for the other guy to pull the trigger.  Why in the world was this scene ever tinkered with in the first place?

Why am I discusing this instead of getting on the road?

[If some of the comments no longer make sense, note that I just edited the lead-in to the 2nd paragraph to make my intended meaning more clear]. 
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Letter to the HOA's property management firm

Dear Ms. C[...]:
As we have been preparing our home for its new tenants, I have had to go to [our street] to meet our realtor, a contractor, or to take care errands many times.  Each time at least one unauthorized car has been parked in one of our spaces.  Often, two are.  When conversations with neighbors and notes left behind didn't work, I finally started calling [the contract tow company].  As you recall, I waited an infuriating three hours with no response on my first attempt.  The second time, I had to leave before the truck got there.  Today I called [them] again, and to their credit they showed up quickly.  They were in the process of hooking up the offending vehicle when its alarm went off, bringing out an irate resident from across the street.
At first she claimed, "That's my space!"  I pointed out the lot number to our townhouse painted on the space.  Then she howled, "But someone parked in my space!"  I replied that she should have had them towed away instead of transferring the problem to me.  Then she appealed to the tow truck driver:  "He doesn't even live here.  He's a realtor."  I explained that I am not a realtor; that, in fact, I am the owner of the house.  Enter moral relativism:  "But people do this all the time."  So...not...my...problem.  Next, she fired off an appeal to sympathy:  "I'm home sick with my child."  I'm sorry you're not feeling well--but if you're home sick, waiting for a tow truck to reclaim your space really shouldn't be a problem, should it?  In the end, she didn't get towed and she did move from the space.
We have new tenants moving in on 1 August.  As we agreed to in Paragraph 4 of the lease, we are granting them all the privileges of the association that are tranferrable to tenants--which includes assigned parking spaces for non-garage homes.  I want our tenants to be able to park their cars in their assigned spaces without incidents such as this.  Please take whatever steps are necessary--at once--to make it clear to people that they are not to park in other home's spaces without the express permission of the property owner.  Period.
Peter L. Thomas, Homeowner
[Our HOA] Land Bay 2, Lot 144