November 7th, 2006

lookin' good


Between the 4th and today my Money fle simply disappeared.

Restored from backup [I take one each time I exit] and moved on...but..yikes. That sort of thing is not supposed to happen.
lookin' good

The "defense" of Marriage Amendment

CNN is projecting that question 1 has passed. If they are correct, our hope lies in the courts now--and a slim hope it is.

I'm a little boggled that they are calling this so early--of the Northern Virginia counties, only one county on the fringe, Frederick, has been heard from...and I barely count. What's got me really saddened is that by the exit polling 36% of Democrats backed this and a full 50% of self-identified independents voted to codify bigotry in our constitution. I'm not surprised to see 86% support from Republicans--maybe I'm surprised to see 14% voting no.

Even though all the "pundits" kept saying it would pass, I somehow hoped against hope they were wrong. Can Northern Virginia's counts turn this tide? I doubt it--especially if the exit polling data is truly representative of statewide results.
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