October 28th, 2006


LJ equivalent of a TCP Keepalive Now, with some actual content

Still here.  Last night, sew_200e came to hang out with me and Q:  she was pressed into service for taxi to flu shots and grocery shopping and cooking dinner--only the last of which she actually volunteered for].  Then I was unsocial and spent most of the time huddled with my computer.  Bad son  No biscuit.  She was tired, and stayed the night, rather than drive the hour home late at night in the rain.

This morning we breakfasted, got Q to vision therapy, got my hair and beard trimmed, ate lunch, spent a long time at the log home show, whilst there picked up iron coat rack, hand towel rings, fireplace tools and hang-y thing, and towel bar(s?).  No more randomly toilet paper rolls on toilet lids and towels draped wherever they fit.  Sadly the long time at the show entailed missing a rare opportunity to see christilyn.  In addition to that, there were also not one but at least three parties we were invited to this weekend, plus Pam's Aunt's traditional Halloween festivities in PA.  We made none.  Zero.  Zip  Nada.

After all that, we spent a few minutes at Hillsboro.  Q was about the only kid there not in a costume.  Oops.  Got to socialize with various parents

Played some WoW tonight...I'm about to hit the vaunted 40, but I think I don't have any chance of having a mount any time soon.

Tomorrow will be chores day and work on helping Pam format and finalize her thesis.

I will try to sleep late.
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