August 27th, 2006


A week without the web

No phone, no cable, no Internet...not a single luxury.

Pam, Quinn, and I are happily ensconced in the house. I'm here at corporate HQ working on a teaming presentation--we're looking to get on a team for a major bid to provide out-year support to my current customer. [If you happen to know which one it is, please don't name it here].

I wrapped my tractor around a tree. It's seriously stuck. The steering wheel is bent. prettypammie will have pictures of the first extrication attempt. We need heavier equipment. I have reluctantly agreed to their publication despite my embarassment over getting the tractor stuck, because, frankly, "Tractor Around A Tree" has a certain "Snakes on a Plane" je ne sais quois to it.
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