August 13th, 2006

quinn, by someonecatchme

Scaring Quinn

I scared Quinn a bit today. I propped up a very tall extension ladder on a not very thick tree, and scaled up it with a very long pole saw to take down the nearly out of reach branches that were threatening to stand between us and our RoadStar. When prettypammie got to the property, he ran down the hill to flag down the truck. When he got mom's attention, I heard him telling her with great concern that daddy was way up in a tree. I heard her reassure him that it was fine, and that daddy was extremely careful. I'm glad she's so confident in my prudence. With every extra strong wobble, I was hugging that tree trunk, and thinking how embarassing it would be if I ended up wedged in the crook of the nearest branch--a branch that might not have even supported my weight--waiting to meet the weekend crew at our new fire department. I suppose with time and some scrapes, I might have been able to scale down the tree unaided. I tried not to think about what would happen if the ladder slipped and I didn't have time to grab a tree.

Next time a branch that high gets in my way, the whole tree is meeting Our Friend, Mr. Chainsaw. I'm just not anywhere near well-insured enough to be pulling stunts like this.

On top of that silliness, I'm embarassed to say that I blew my saving throw against Confusion by Unfamiliar Digital Camera. So, the shots from yesterday with my dad's camera are all--how would Engineer Scott have put it?--"It is blue!" Today I remembered to bring the camera, but was too busy trying to flush yesterday's bleach out of the water system and scaling trees to stop and click the shutter. So, long story short, no pictures this weekend. I may eventually post the blue ones, just because it seems terrible to blow our recent streak of weekend house pictures. Plus you can see dcseain in these, albeit he looks blue. He was not--he was very chipper and fun to have around.