August 10th, 2006


Oh thank Ghu!

Home Depot's subcontractor, Lamtech, rolled over and agreed to do the right thing.

We should have our counter-top back in place tomorrow morning by 0800.

prettypammie is a one-woman FFEM (Fighting Force of Extraordinary Magnitude).
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Oh feldercarb!

So our countertop is coming back, but now our water has tested positive for Total coliform (negative for e. coli).  Have to shock chlorinate ASAP, wait long enough for residual chlorine to zero out, and re-test.  I think this is going to take a minimum of a week, round-trip.  We may not have an occupancy permit until after that.

And I thought the counter-top thing was bad.
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Metros meme

Not that many, really...

Got at!
I can't remember if we read on any of the canadian systems during Torcon, or during a family trip to Canada long ago. I was in Seattle once, but I don't think I rode the metro. If L.A has a metro, I think I managed to avoid it entirely.