May 3rd, 2006

lookin' good


Mr. Swanson's half-baked non-apologetic excuses astound we

He should have been ridden out of town on a rail for not immediately pulling the book and apologizing. Apparently he gave his notes--including the earlier book from which he lifted 17 out of the 33 rules in his book--to an assistant to assemble. Can we at least hope that the cribbing "ghost-writer" got shown the door for shaming the company and its leader?

Thanks, mabfan for the link.
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lookin' good

All of you guys are excited about the 1st of May...

I'm excited about the 30th. That's when our Roadstar (terrestrial) wireless Internet service goes in at the new place. No wires is oh-so-handy when you're too far out from the CO for DSL, the cable company is still laughing about when you called asking when your street would get hooked up, and satellite's lag would just kill your games...
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