February 22nd, 2006

lookin' good

Please if you love me...

and you've received a Plaxo or Accucard notice from me...and it has numbers for you that you've never used...or even old numbers that you ditched years ago...even if you're going to "opt out" of said service provider...

Please, at least tell me the correct information.

Somewhere one or more badly behaved synchronization programs duplicated arbitrary numbers in weird places in my contact list...as an example, about a dozen people had christilyn's cell number listed as one of their numbers! I wanted to talk to wombat_1138 yesterday, but the number I had for her came up as a 540--which will be my new area-code-of-residence, but is definitely not her number.

While Plaxo and Accucard have techniques to scrub and merge duplicate _ names _ they have nothing for duplicated numbers. I've toyed with using this problem as an excuse to learn C# and the Office Object Model--but just haven't had the time. I need to iterate through all my contacts, build a many-to-many table of names to phone numbers, and then generate a report where more than one name shares a number. Hmm...maybe this is more an excuse to play in Access. Some will be legitimate--contacts from the same company, for example; spouses, partners, and housemates, as others, but most will be bogus.

Must. Stomp. The bogus.

Heh...I guess I need a userpic for "geeking out." Okay, my artistic friends: even if the numbers I have for you are right, you still have a project that you can work on for me, now.

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