January 2nd, 2006

lookin' good

Happy Birthday

belatedly: polydad and gsxrgirl03--I hope it was a great one!

many happy returns today: to browngirl...don't worry, at least you're not "thirty-something" yet!  Can't wait to see you in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!  BOUNCE BOUNCE!  Bring a baby to hug...and maybe a new mommy to hug, too, since they're likely pretty hard to separate!

and also to angel_blue_eyes: I miss you and leem0r and the rest of the "gang."

Now I'm off to work.

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lookin' good

Horrible rumor I heard at brunch yesterday...

Is Coke really going to stop producing Lime Diet Coke?

I see purchases of limes or lime juice in my future...plus the logistical complications thereunto appertaining.

EDIT: Thanks to yendi for pointing out the press release indicating that diet lemon and vanilla were getting the axe...no big surprise. All the Lemon drinkers I know went Lime shortly after it was released--and I don't think I know any vanilla afficianados. [IMHO, YMMV]

EDIT^2: With friends like mine, I should not be surprised that the eclectic tastes you represent include at least four of you who liked the Diet Vanilla. I mourn your loss.