November 28th, 2005

lookin' good

Backups aren't just for disasters

I misread the "destructions" for updating my electronic bill payment account and password, thereby losing the uuid-esque "username" string that it turns out I was supposed to keep.

Once I found that out, I started pulling out my pre-update backups to extract the string. Meanwhile, the tech support rep was getting her tech support rep on the line. By the time she got someone to help her recover the string from their database, I had restored, copied, re-opened, pasted, updated, and verified success. It was probably his shortest call of the night!

Keep backups for oopses less dramatic than complete hard-drive failure. Also, consider some sort of rotational strategy--if I only had one backup, I would have been out of luck, because I had already opened and closed the app a couple of times. For my financial data, which I have several weeks worth of point-in-time backups on-disk and every quarter I pull off semi-monthly increments to CD.

note to self: make sure prettypammie has all the accounts, passwords, and pins.
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