September 28th, 2005

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I support the people of the world

Some of what I do could be described as support to the "War on Terror." By statute, by policy, and by practice we go to great lengths to protect the inherent, constitutional, and legal rights of American citizens and others who are "U.S. Persons," such as legal residents. The standards are clear and written; we are trained in them, and they are enforced. Our men in women in uniform, who--if you believe the recruiting advertisements--receive some of the best training available, deserve no less.

A Matter of Honor

Capt. Fishack, who wrote that letter on the 16th to Senator McCain, is the same officer who finally went public in frustration after investigators into detainee abuse claims spent most of their time with him attempting to get him to identify soldiers that contacted Human Rights Watch, according to this article: Reservist Sentenced to 3 Years for Abu Ghraib Abuse.

As a civilian contractor far removed from the "fog of war," I've been given excellent training in policy and standards. Why can't we do the same for those on the front lines of our battle against global terrorism?
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