July 20th, 2005

lookin' good

About the "french fry" case...

Guess what--if you actually read the brief, you'll find that the first thing that the court notes is that the policy that resulted in minors being arrested [where adults were cited but not put in custody] for eating food on Metro was reprehensible. Unfortunately, however, the courts were enforcing the laws and policies exactly as written--there's no policy for citing a minor--the police had two choices: issue a verbal warning or take the children in to custody. The "zero tolerance" order from their superiors removed the first choice.
lookin' good

Arrrrgh! Lost pictures!?

Pam's MagicStor 2.2 GB Compact Flash MicroDrive has failed! I've tried everything I can think of to recover the images, including raw data tools like Zero Assumption Recovery. Nothing works--the OS sees a device claiming to be a 2 GB drive, but refuses all attempts to access the data therein.

Pictures including Quinn's first outing on his new bike.

I'm so mad and sad and frustrated and just don't know what to do next. I'm scared that the camera running out of juice corrupted the card.
lookin' good

Rest in peace, James Doohan.

It's funny, but after sew_200e, "Scotty," was probably my first engineering role model--he mixed optimism and realism with a dash of good-humor; he was a committed technologist who cared passionately about his people, his mission, and above all, his ship.

I have to admit that while I was and am a die-hard SF fan, attending cons whenever I can, and reading, reading, reading, I've never been a "trekker," per se. I know enough, at least, not to say "trekkie," but not much more about the fandom of Star Trek. For that reason, I never had any opportunity to get to know Jimmy Doohan, the man.

If I'm wrong, and there's something after this life, than I hope he's enjoying it. If nothing else, at least, his suffering from Alzheimer's is at an end.