June 17th, 2005

lookin' good

Thanks for your many calls and e-mails!

I had a frazzling work day, followed by a wonderful, relaxing dinner with prettypammie, Quinn, mom [sew_200e, for those keeping score at home], and LJ-less ["online journal? that's an oxymoron!"] dad.

Dad made Paparitas, Lasagna, mom made salad with a dressing made from fresh herbs from her garden, and yummy garlic bread fresh from the oven. happypete's traditional birthday cake--cheesecake--was served. This year, strawberry-topped plain--the classic! Even without candles, Quinn thought the lights should be turned out. There was singing--Happy Birthday, complete with "cha cha cha!" Presents arrived. owenthomas and gregorsf sent as-yet unclaimed but much appreciated Amazon largesse--must ponder...what to buy! Wrapped goodies, skillfully opened by Quinn for me: Connie Willis' Passage, Tori Amos and Indigo Girls CDs. Yay! I introduced dad to Emily and Amy by playing the "bonus DVD" out of "All that we let in."

Now--tired. Tomorrow--horsing, and maybe roboting...
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