May 16th, 2005

lookin' good

Dear Verizon Wireless [submitted via their web-site this morning]

I am very disturbed that you are eliminating the National Access Minutes of Use feature. This was a great way to mix my data and voice usage. My firm does not buy optional features on its phones--but they are willing to buy as many minutes as necessary to support our work.

When I changed phones, I was told I would be switched from Minutes of Use to kilobytes unless I opted for a data plan. This is completely unacceptable--I'm accessing data the same way I was on my old phone and PDA (dialing #777). The only difference now is that I'm not using a data cable--the PDA is integrated with the phone for PDA usage or I use a BlueTooth serial connection from my PC.

Why should I be charged both differently [and more] for upgrading to a new phone? This feels like I'm being discouraged from upgrading. I would think that Verizon wouldn't want the liability of continuing to support many-years-old phone models.

I'm extremely disappointed. Perhaps this is an honest mistake; I'm thinking your may have traded in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for a CEM (Customer Elimination Management) product? Please check with your CRM might want to run this note by your management while you are at it.

Bottom Line: I would like the National Access Minutes of Use feature restored to my line and any "per-kilobyte" charges that may have accrued to date since my phone upgrade reversed.


--Pete Thomas
lookin' good

Another week in Virginia

DMV: Car inspected--passed; close to Nitrous Nitric Oxide (NO) threshold at 1800 RPM...must watch this. Engine oil leaking around Oil Pan [the one thing that didn't get replaced], but also distributor cap shaft and somewhere around the timing belt. Remind me to get the engine shampooed before letting any more mechanics look at it...they get so cranky about a little bit of lubricant leaking.

I'm going to take it to our old mechanics, Auto Experts, for a second opinion and to actually get the work done. The fellows at the garage seemed nice, though...Korean. Seemend like a family-owned business--or at least they picked on each other like family when they thought I wasn't looking. Pleasant folks, though. Reminded me of our friends at H K Lee Tae Kwon Do in demeanor. I miss Sa boo nim.

State of the Pete: Been tired to the point of weepiness lately. Travel. Stress. Separation. Sucks. Got a good workout in on Sunday morning. At 0800 prettypammie poked me with a "Who's knocking on our door?" I had talked about Saturday night, but we both forgot to set the alarm.

Organizing: I'm proud of myself--I did some straightening up and organizing tonight--unfortunately, I brought down all the stuff that leem0r and other coworkers rescued, so even with organizing net influx of new junk to deal with into the bedroom

New Phone & Verizon: The seller and I worked things out agreeably on the phone. He gave me a $30 credit; since I won't actually be out money for the charger, I think that's fair. Bottom line: if you don't like the product, and you think it's more than just a subjective difference between the listing and the shipment, dispute it. No reply on my lobbying effort with Verizon yet. The good news is that with the credit, if I do want to sell this phone back at some point, I can probably recover my money. So far, I'm starting to like it. It's so cool to click on a phone number in a contact record and hear ring-tones in my Bluetooth headset.

prettypammie: Miss her. Lots. Many lots. Quinn, too. I got to talk to them both a little bit, morning and evening, but I was so tired I probably wasn't very coherent. We survived Quinn's recital and birthday party...both were actually big successes in my mind.

Okay, sleep for me!