February 2nd, 2005

lookin' good

Games Night, THIS Thursday, 3 Feb

prettypammie and I have been so distracted by life and being sick that I forgot to post this earlier. I plan on being well by Thursday, though, so Games Night is still on. I plan this to be a regular event. I don't know if Pam and I can manage weekly, as chelona and voltbang of chez_turtle do, but we'll see after the first couple times what the interest level is. If there are other organizer-types who want to take part, we may rotate locations. Y'all know me, I'm flexible.
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lookin' good


prettypammie is INSISTING that I go to some doctor I don't know because our doctor is closed today. I don't want to. I'll just take something for the symptoms, rest, drink fluids...there's nothing one more day of waiting is going to do. It's probably just an "old-fashioned" cold, anyway.

Ah-ha...Tony was playing Tony, Tony, Tony.

I don't care.

Ellen is trying to keep it fresh. This is scary.
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    Ellen DeGeneres dancing to some tune? How can anyone watch this crap?
lookin' good

I'm so proud of my little brother...

owenthomas was just on CNBC. He's a brilliant pundit--good thoughts, great sound bites, he handled the guys talking over him gracefully and without a hiccup...live TV is a PITA and you have to roll with it. Regarding layoffs vs. new job creation, he scored very well--layoffs can be happening at the same time growth is occurring as the economy retools and adapts...the focus should not be on the raw numbers of layoffs or job creation, but about the quality and what's happening in the underlying economy. The term Owen used was "creative destruction." Brilliant.

They moved on to the economy and the federal reserve lending rate. Said Owen: "Knock on wood...we may be heading towards another Greenspan Goldilocks economy: 'Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold'"

I am so proud of my "little" brother and his husband, gregorsf, too!

Love you guys!!!
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