January 2nd, 2005

lookin' good

hard not to double over laughing...

prettypammie and I are trying not to fall over laughing--lots of muffled snorts and winks and amused looks at each other...Quinn is on the phone with his grandmother, and he is telling her this long, complicated set of instructions on how to get from her house to his barn. [Quinn's barn, for those keeping score at home, is a wonderful, mystical place where all things Quinn likes can be found]. He's now talking about braces, and how he needs to not suck his thumb...He said--as close as I could transcribe, "and then my teeth would get pulled back, and then doctors would put braces on my teeth, and that would really make my face sore..." We seem to have made an impression on him.

Now he's talking about Twister again--he didn't want any of his kids' movies--he wanted...Twister. Unfortunately there's a lot of profanity. Interestingly, he didn't repeat any of them, or make any comment at the time, and I didn't say anything about the profanity--but now, twelve hours later, he told his grandmother:
oh, bummer..there's a tornado mouth...
and that tornado can turn into a volcano
watch out before the tornado turns into a volcano
and there's track over the volcano
it's got scared guys inside it
and he said a bad word
he saw a tornado, and then he said a bad word.

He misses nothing....