December 16th, 2004

lookin' good

By the way...

I have not forgotten that I promised to write testimonials. Unfortunately I have done very little except eat, sleep, travel, and work the last two weeks...a lot too much eating, to little sleeping, and nigh zero exercising.

This has not been my favorite two weeks.

Oh, and my practice director--who I love, mind you, it's just that sometimes be a total jerk while meaning to be humorous--observes me busting my ass-hyperfocsed on this ##%)(*#)%* code--one day last week and is like "Oh, hey, nice to see you working for a change."

If I wasn't so damn busy, I could've smacked him...or cried...

So many things to blog about--I'm going to have to rely on prettypammie...Quinn has been doing and saying many cute things that deserve recording. If I were him, though, I'd be pretty ticked with my dad for ignoring me so much lately. * sigh *

Sleep...much overdue sleep...not going to get a lot of it tonight.

Today (technically yesterday):

  • Food--lots [Cracker Barrel], among other sins;

  • Stress--lots [C#, ADO.NET, and DataSet/DataView abstraction];

  • Exercise--none;

  • Woke up--In Virginia;

  • Went to Sleep--In New Jersey (or, technically, not at all, yet);

  • Frustration--Very High