December 6th, 2004

lookin' good

I hate C# and the .NET Framemork Regex namespace right now

I figured it out. Word paragraphs render into a string buffer as \r, not \n, and the Regex engine only consider $ or ^ as end-of-line or beginning of line based on \n.
Okay, so say I've got a Regex like so:
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Why is it not matching ANY text, let alone not neatly matching each block and capturing the number, title, and text in the appropriately named groups?

Oh, if it helps you:

const string _regexAreaBlock = @"(\d\.0)\b((?![\r\n][\t ]*\d\.0).)+";

without the Multiline option seems to do approximately the right thing, under most circumstances...
lookin' good

Gaming @ Arisia

On further reflection, I'd best not commit to running a gaming session...can someone who wants to run Illuminati in an organized way e-mail and tell them you are willing to take over my offer of running a planned Illuminati session and give them a block of time (since there were many conflicts with 10a-2p on Saturday) that works for you?

This is the detailed call for game-runners.
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