October 20th, 2004

lookin' good

Morning run with Jamie...

I love Jamie--she keeps me laughing all the way through our runs. 45 minutes today at an average of 158 bpm (basically over when we were running and then under when I wussed out and walked--but good, because 158 is my perfect 85% MHR number). My recoveries from the mid 160's back down to 130's were good, and then I'd pick up the run again...I'd like to get it where I can go steady at 158 [excluding "hill excursions"] through an hour run, as a first goal...I know I'm cardio-vascularly up to that and more because I do that on the cross-trainer...my calves and shins weren't up to all the flexion and work that comes from real running, plus all the work was coming from the legs, not a whole-body workout like with the trainer. That said, I think I'll be with it shortly.

In January, we start training together in earnest for a marathon in the end of March or early April...I have to look up the date. Really my training starts now becaus the ENTRY criteria for the marathon training is running--on real roads, cross-trainer doesn't count--12 to 15 mile a week.

Because she and I are both travelling this weekend, instead of being wusses and waiting until Sunday or Monday morning, we'll be out on the street at OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-six-hundred again...

Okay, back to feeding the boy and getting mysef ready for work.

Come on, LJ exercise-buddies--nothing to it, but to do it! Let's have a roll call of what you've been doing or plan to do today and tomorrow! I suggest you post it in a comment, and link to it or cross-post it to your journals to!

Appointment with the trainr tonight--should I tell him my running plans and ask him to go easy on the legs so I have something for the road the next morning? * grin *

Love you all
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lookin' good

I just realized something...

Quinn read his mom's name to me last night off the chalk board. He clearly gets it that letters make sounds, and groups of letters make sounds that are words. Thinking back on how he said it, he actually sounded it out. P, A, and M are all letters they've done in phonics so far.

He also did well with "Pete" (they've done T, too)...

When did this happen?
lookin' good

If you have...

MS Office SBE (preinstalled), and you need Access and might need the only other explicit difference: "[...]additional support for Extensible Markup Language (XML) and information rights management (IRM). It allows you to use Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System."

What do you do? Buy Access? What are the "Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System?" Can you get them any other way?