October 9th, 2004


The paring...

Baring my soul (hence the naked lego icon)...I have increasingly been spending time with work & family, and not with friends. I try to keep up my phone calls with christilyn--she's such a naturally good friend. It's never hard talking with her--even when the subject matter might be. I occasionally--very occasionally--get to talk to polydad, and maybe once or twice a week with goldlioness. Every now and again I'll hear from or ring up LJ-less Jennifer from WA. I miss Krish and Laura from GT. They're off in California. Once a week or so, I talk to my parents and Quinn's uncles, owenthomas and Greg. On occasion, I'll surprise phoenix_glow and cz_unit with a call. I think I'll start checking in with Dragonsept by phone more often--IM and LJ is nice, but sort of disjointed, choppy, prone to lag and distraction.

Okay, that sounds like a catalog of connectedness, but I think I'm missing my "E" dose of in-person connectedness.

I think I'm going to cut my default LJ view down to a tight core (by which I mean maybe less than a hundred instead of nearly three-hundred).

Quinn needs some time...I'm out.
lookin' good

A minor nit...

If I read the court paperwork correctly, the CPD and ASU (which had already been served earlier that day), the service on the CPD had to be performed by 4 p.m. If Mr. Badnarik had been escorted in to the top CPD official at the debate, they could have said, "thanks for the waste-paper; you're too late."

Oh well, as a symbolic gesture it counts for something--and as a former fusion Green-Libertarian fusion candidate for state assembly, it's always nice to see cases where we have common cause. (The socialist planks of the Green agenda turn my stomach--but the local affiliate I was working with was of the much more practical "get stuff done" flavor without the out-there ideology).