September 30th, 2004

lookin' good

Someone at Dell must be listening to the concerns about customer service...

After several months of struggles with a balky laptop, Dell has finally declared my laptop not repairable. They will be sending me a replacement.

Since they no longer manufacture the 8200, I'll be getting an 8600c.

While they're at it, I'll have to see about adding a few things--like internal wireless--that I didn't go for on the 8200...I'm hoping they'll let me tweak what they come up with as an exchange with some add-ons at cost. Not sure about the warranty--do I have to buy CompleteCare again, or do I get the remaining period from this system, or do I get a brand new three years? My guess is the middle option.

Pretty exciting, eh. Even better, work is sending me a loaner to use for the 4-6 weeks I'm waiting on the new system--so now my only real challenge will be backing everything up and not losing anything crucial.

lookin' good

Oh, yeah...the debate...

I watched some, listened to some half-heartedly while reading my book (ironically (?) the Forever War). My take: ho-hum...they both blew opportunities to make salient points, one was left with the impression that foreign policy meant "Iraq," with an occasional aside about North Korea or whether we should round up the 600 tons of nuclear materiel in the former Soviet Union in about 113880 hours or 35040...