September 20th, 2004

lookin' good

Phone Post:

98K 0:25
“<lj user="happypete">: Hi, it's Happypete!
<lj user="vvalkyri">: and Vvalkyri...
<lj user="geminigirl">: and Geminigirl..
<lj user="lonebear">: and Lonebear...
<lj user="happypete">: and we're here at Freddy's in Crystal City having a marvelous time
<lj user="vvalkyri">: because it's wonderful here and like the drinks were late and stuff ...but the mudslide just showed up for Geminigirl..
<lj user="geminigirl">: why aren't you here with us?
<lj user="lonebear">: sharing a car bomb*
<lj user="happypete">: okay, see you soon!

* <small> editorial by <lj user="vvalkyri">: car bomb:=guiness + baileys.”

Transcribed by: vvalkyri