September 8th, 2004

lookin' good

Oh, [bad words]...

It just dawned on me--again--that somewhere over the course of the convention I volunteered for not one but two staff positions for Arisia. I can not claim drunkenness or any other impairment--I just said yes. Luckily one is a pre-con job and one is an at-con job, so I don't have to solve cloning between now and then. Maybe prettypammie will take pity on me and help...after she finishes laughing at me.

Oh, fuzcat, I ran into C at the Weird Al party and confirmed that she was indeed still looking to fill one of the slots we discussed and thanked you for looking out for her and asking me. Oh, and apparently I'm supposed to ask you to add me to the staff list [i'm assuming she means a mailing list?].

c1, better tell me what it is exactly I've signed up for...I suppose the best thing for me to ask for is the last three year's worth of advertisers contact data--and I'll look through the Noreascon book to see if there's any possible new customers there.