September 7th, 2004

lookin' good

This started as a a comment to c1, and became at least the start of my WorldCon wrap-up.

It's hard to compare WorldCons. I think TorCon was slightly better for prettypammie, professionally, [in her alternate avocation as future published author, as opposed to the Day Job]...but I, personally, think N4 was a better convention, overall, by far.

On Q's behalf, two special notes I need to remember to get passed to Deb, as I missed the "gripe," (which I hope was more love-in than Gripe!): KiddieCorp, in a return WorldCon engagement, did just a bang-up job of keeping the kids happy. Priscillan and Chrystel-Starr are so wonderful. Having baby-sitting and children's programming adjacent in a dead-end was brilliant, as it gave some flexibility for the kids who were old enough for the children's programming but not old enough to check themselves in and out some flexibility. I think Priscilla's idea of actually hiring on more baby-sitters so that sitters can take the older baby-sitting kids to programming in an organized way is great--perahps this could be an add-on service (i.e. for an extra fee per each each event your child will get taken to that event by a sitter--and an agreement with children's programming to take those kids as long as an age-appropriate ratio is maintained. [For some programs, and some ages, you really need one adult per child, as the person running the program wouldn't be able to run the overall event, and assist unaccompanied small children in getting their projects, etc., done...

With regards to the kids programming, someone needs to give medals to Persis and Inger. Persis did this huge amount of program planning, preparation, etc...there were cool, creative, fun projects and activities from open to close. Inger, who did a tremendous amount work in panels at-con and seemed to almost never leave the area, was just incredible.

And, speaking of medals, the TAFF delegate, As I understand it, his committee asked him to spend time in Children's Programming, as he's heading it up for Interaction. He went so far over and above "spending time!" Wow. He's also just a neat guy, obviously great with kids of all ages. They couldn't have a more perfect person for the task. I'm looking forward to Quinn's participation in his programs!

Man, I'm exhausted...there's more to say, but it will have to wait. Work tomorrow.