September 2nd, 2004

lookin' good

If you need to get hold of me or prettypammie at WorldCon...

There are many ways:
  1. tackle-hug one or both of us;
  2. call us on one of our cell phone's [if you have one of the numbers, you have the other--add one to mine for Pam's; subtract one from Pam's for mine];
  3. leave a message at our room in the Sheraton;
  4. send a ;
  5. leave a message on the con's Voodoo Boad [for those not in the know, it's called the Voodoo board because you stick a pin in the person's name after you leave them a message];
  6. tell someone like Persis in Children's Programming that you're looking for Pete, Pam, and/or Quinn--she might know where we are, or at least when we'll be back
Just remember that with any method but the first you'll need to be sure we understand: who you are, how, when, and where we can find or contact you in return, what you look like if we've only met online, you get the idea!</p> Okay, off to load the car! * hugs *