August 3rd, 2004

lookin' good

The pruning...

okay, it's just a step, a small step...but shrinking is better than growing.

I finally trimmed a couple people from the list--one seemed particularly interesting, but lately the two of them have basically been involved in an ugly, public LJ flame war.

It's just not to be borne--I don't have time enough for my own drama, let alone second-hand.

Tomorrow: gym. Day after that: Gym...and possible meet with medium-kooky trainer...(Hint: anyone who hands you a paper which he passes off as authoritative, From "Perceptions" magazine. Which, itself, cites its primary source as "unknown.") Oh, and in this same conversation, he lamented how most people don't check their facts.

In extolling the dangers of microwave ovens, this article cites a "Russian experiment" where they exposed food to "20 kW per second per cubic centimeter," until the food was "of a typical temperature for human consumption." Okay, I've run my own back of the envelope analysis of this. Two questions, for my fellow scientists and engineers (and others who feel like playing):

(1) What's wrong with this statement on the face of it (before you perform any calculations regarding this experimental statement)?

(2) After correcting that problem, to give them the benefit of the doubt, what would be the order of magnitude of power applied to, say, the typical chicken breast to perform this experiment?