June 27th, 2004

lookin' good

Return form the CampCon...

We're back from the CampCon, safe and sound. I'm taking a real quick breather in the house while I gather up the oomph to go back out there and unload the Big Blue Truck of Doom.

I'll give the short version, now, and post the detailed "After Action Report" from my point of view later. The short version: Quinn, prettypammie, and I had a wonderful time. I miss everyone already. We're really grateful to OLQ for backing this thing, and mama_hogswatch's crazy (wonderful) idea. We also appreciate everyone else who we saw pitching in--and I started to name them in this post, but it started to turn into the long post; I'll run down my full blow-by-blow in the AAR!

Hugs all around!