April 30th, 2004

lookin' good

Phone Post: Hello Livejournal...

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“HappyPete: Hey Quinn, say 'Hello Livejournal!'

Quinn: No!

HP: Quinn does not want to say 'Hello Livejournal.' Come on, Quinn. Say 'Hello Livejournal!'

Q: No!

HP: I guess Quinn is not going to say 'Hello Livejournal' tonight. Oh, come on, Quinn. Say 'Hello Livejournal!'

Q: No!

HP: Oh well. Three times asked, three times refused. Just like Caesar. Whatcha gonna do? So, Daddy did 6.27 miles and 728 calories on the cross-trainer. Woohoo!

Q: <indistinct>

HP: What is it called?

Q: Playground.

HP: Playground?

Q: Yeah! That was the one we went at.

HP: That is the playground we went at and it was also alot of fun! We had a blast, but that was like a couple of weekends ago... I think I posted about that.

Q: <indistinct>...house?

HP: After we get back from Grandma Anne's house next week? Sure! Why not. So what else do you want to tell everyone in Livejournal land?

Q: Umm. I don't like that. It not my favorite <indistinct>.

HP: Not your favorite way to go? All right. Quinny, who's in the blue truck behind us?

Q: Mommy is!

HP: Thats right! All right. Anyway...

Q: <indistinct> car.

HP: Thats a random person in the black vehicle in front of us. Woo hoo! Say, "Yay random people!"

Q: Umm. And who's in front of mommy?

HP: We are! We're in front of mommy.

Q: <indistinct>

HP: Yeah, woo hoo! Umm. Anyway. So we're in the brown car and, um... Gee, can I play this thing back, I have no idea what it is going to sound like. I pity the fool who try and <indisinct>. Let me try again... I pity the fool who <indistint>. Right, Quinn?

Q: <indistinct>

HP: What?

Q: <indistinct>

HP: Say again?

Q: <indistinct>

HP: And whos in back of mommy? Nobody. I don't see anybody.

Q: <indistinct>

HP: Who is? <pause> Who is? <pause> Who is?

Q: <loud> Alexandra!

HP: Oh, Alexandra. Who's Alexandra?

Q: Alexandra's my friend.

HP: Oh. Does she go to Little Learner?

Q: Yeah!

HP: Oh, good. Okay.

Q: She's my friend.

HP: Its good to have friends. Umm. Oh, gosh. I just <indistinct> that the radio has been on tis whole time. I bet that <indistinct>.

Q: This way. This way!

HP: This way!

<Motor revving>

Q: <indistinct> This way.

HP: <indistinct> Ah... Okay, now which way?

Q: This way.

HP: That's right, left turn! Park!

Q: Good job, daddy!

HP: Thank you! Thank you very much!”

Transcribed by: jhulten