February 23rd, 2004

lookin' good

Workout status...

I didn't start working out to cause inspiration for others' perspiration--but I'm glad that a couple of you have IM'ed or otherwise let me know that my example has led you to get the body moving.

I'm up to two sets, once through the life-circuit, and I've been bumping the weight up at least two pounds each workout on each machine...I've finally reached the "failure point" on a couple of them. The biceps in particular--I couldn't pull the last few reps all the way up...ouch!

I was happy, though, prettypammie came with me...we had a good workout on the machines together, and then she went swimming while I pounded out a little over five hundred calories on the elliptical cross-trainer. Whoo! Then we went over to the farm and Pam groomed con for a while...he's a good little horse. No riding yesterday, it was WAAAY too muddy and mucky out.

Okay, off the get the clean boy out of his bath--at this point whether he likes it or not...