February 22nd, 2004

lookin' good

My current PGP key...

This is for my Yahoo! e-mail account, which is my main personal e-mail right now...(Am I lame for deciding that I had more important things to do than manage my own e-mail server? It was fighting spam by maintaining up-to-date spam heuristics that finally kicked it over the 'too much bother' threshold....)
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lookin' good

Olive branch broken...

Over a decade ago, I lost some friends (let's call them A & T)...it's a long, complicated story, but in a trivial analysis it comes down to the classical "splitting up the friends in the divorce."

Well, I was thinking about them today, and decided to hit the old Google and see if I could track them down. I found a likely lead on Google...and I think I found A's parents' number in the phone book...

Do I call the parents and go, "Hi..the last I knew, your daughter and T hated me, but maybe she and T are ready to reconcile, can you put them in touch with me?" Sigh.