February 15th, 2004


Adding my voice, although I doubt anyone doubted it, in my case...

I support the freedom to marry

I see the events in San Francisco this week as the opening shot in the "hot war" for the freedom to marry...this battle has been brewing for decades, and it has its roots in the earlier battle that interracial couples faced up until the sixties.

There were earlier skirmishes--and even some victories in Ontario, Canada and Massachusetts. But now there are thousands of people, well over a thousand married newly married couples in one weekend, who--together with their supportive families--are ready to fight any attempts to invalidate their marriages.

If you asked me the end-state I'd really like to see, it would be the separation of state and marriage, or, perhaps a streamlined civil process whereby any number of people of any gender could enter into a legal arrangement with the protections (and liabilities) of marriage...things like automatic joint tenancy in real estate, hospital visitation rights, treatment as a family unit by tax laws, assumed legitimacy of children, and those things in the 1,049 federal laws that relate in some way to marriage and relevant state laws.

My new brother-in-law is reading the "Finding Nemo" storybook (picture soon, I hope)...there is no doubting: this is what a family is.

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