February 2nd, 2004

lookin' good

Tragedy--at least for me...

I'm down here supporting our client in Virginia. It's in a facility where I can't take my mobile phone in, nor my iPaq, nor my laptop. So, this morning, I unzipped my laptop case and pulled out old trusty pen and composition book, arming myself for the day's round of discussions and meetings.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, that fact had completely slipped my mind. As I slung my laptop pack onto my back, my mind was already on gallantly picking up and carrying Pam's backpack in for her. My thoughtful train of mind was shattered by a jarring shifting of the load on my back as the pack stopped moving--but the laptop flew out and onto the concrete slab of my parent's garage.

Miraculously, the system still functions--I just ran it through a complete bad sector check, by plugging it into my mom's monitor downstairs. That's how I'm typing this entry now. The screen is a complete loss--it's completely shattered and utterly unreadable. The latch is destroyed--it looks like it must have come down on the edge of the screen, and therefore the brunt of the damage was borne by the lid, latch and screen.

Thank goodness for "CompleteCare." Dell will be out on Wednesday with replacement parts--parts which sound like they amount to a new laptop, depending on how much the tech determines are damaged. When the sales guy quoted me on complete care as covering me "even if you drop the laptop," I laughed. (But I bought it anyway, as it's a recommended corporate standard).

Anyway, between being out of the loop during the day, and now having a mostly non-functional laptop, if you need to contact me, please call (or text) my mobile phone.

Oh! I got to see puzzledance and Mark last night! Yay! They came over to visit and wish my dad a happy 59th. Unfortunately, I wasn't great company, as I ended up curling up on the sofa in misery and (gasp) watching the end of the SuperBowl...yeah, anyone who really knows me knows that if I'm watching Football, I must truly be ill.
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