January 31st, 2004

lookin' good

Not quite about sex...

I like working out, but there are so many more pleasant ways of getting sweaty. * sigh * Time for my next workout. Quinn's off to swim, then I'll be back with the boy and Pam will be off for horsey time. Have to figure out a plan for the afternoon...anyone local want to get together with me and the boy?

And then it'll be the mundanities of getting ready for a trip out of town, laundry, packing, cleaning up, etc.

Fellow space-enthusiast technoshaman, who is a better chronicler of such things, posted By Request- In Memoriam, which has a link to those who have lost their lives in the pursuit of space exploration. The last Thursday of January is the day set aside by NASA as "NASA Remembrace Day." From John F. Kennedy Space Center - KSC Countdown:
NASA Remembrance Day
Starting this year, Administrator Sean O'Keefe has designated the last Thursday in January to be “NASA Remembrance Day.” This is a day for the NASA Family to take time to remember those who have died in the pursuit of exploration, and the legacy of lessons learned that they have given us so we may carry on the vision as a safer, stronger, and smarter Agency. This year, NASA Remembrance Day is being held Jan. 29. At noon, everyone is asked to pause for one minute of silence to remember those people and the legacy that they have given to us.
I missed this announcement, so I am remembering those brave souls today with this post.

Ad astra, per aspera