January 22nd, 2004

lookin' good

Another workout. etc.

Quinn and I went to the Y again tonight...he spent some time in baby-sitting, and I ran for an hour on the fat-burning level. Then I got Quinn and met with Mr. Ismael, the training coordinator. He gave me a program of slightly more intense (between the "fat-burn" level and the "cardio" level) shorter aerobic workouts and a round on the circuit machines. Then Quinn wanted to go swimming, but family swim was over really early tonight--apparently on Thursday night they have some sort of swim team training. So, I recorded my aerobic workouts for Tuesday and today in the computer thingy and went to play mini-basketball with the boy. He grew so confident in his elite basketball skills that he started telling the grown-ups playing pickup ball how to play..."GUYS! Not too hard! Higher up! GUYS! You got it!"

Got home late, Quinn was still hungry--chocolate milk, apple, [shower time with mommy, family snuggle time] popsicle, glass of water...whew! He's just gone upstairs for more snuggle time with mommy. I'm going to go up and try to get his medicines and vitamin in him.

House looks like a bomb went off--it's been a super hectic week and what little time and energy I've had, I spent on meeting my commitment to myself to start exercising again. Sheyla gets here on Saturday--she used to come on Wednesdays, but she just had to change because of her school schedule...hopefully we can survive until then.
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