January 10th, 2004


Hi gang...a real update...

So much to talk about. Okay, note one--eat lean foods a few days before giving platelets unless you want the nurses to tease you about having whitish, fatty platelets! It was good to get back to donating--I've missed the last few visits of ye olde purple platelet bus because I've been on travel when it made it to the Arsenal. Oh, whoops--note two--for political reasons, we're just "Picatinny" now, not "Picatinny Arsenal." Picatinny what? I don't know. It's not "Camp Picatinny" or "Fort Picatinny." It's just Picatinny. Whatever.

Quinn is growing like a weed...he's gotten so tall. You Arisians who haven't seen him for a year are going to simply boggle. The occasional pictures here don't tell the whole story. Speaking of pictures, there are months of pictures downloaded to prettypammie's laptop that have not been uploaded to our web server, and therefore not also been included in our journals. Sorry guys...we've been exceptionally busy with work, holidays, school, etc. I'm now starting to feel a little guilty because so many of our friends managed to send out holiday cards and pictures, and Pam and I sent out pretty much nothing. Sigh. We didn't even get gifts for all the friends and coworkers who got gifts for us--we stuck to immediate family only. Part of that was plain old "cash flow" crunch--like cz_unit and many others, we pay our January mortgage before the end of December to get a little extra interest deduction onto the current year's taxes. There were also all the annual charitable contributions that I usually scatter throughout the year--for some reason, I've been a slacker, and I made them all in December. For that watter, there were, now that I think about it, several friends in dire financial need that i made small cash gifts to. But all in all, this little Pagan family did not do a lot of tangible gift-giving of the old fashioned Yule variety, nor did we get an "annual update" letter out.

I started thinking about doing a mail merge and letting Microsoft Word and Stamps.com do the work--but I don't even have a good high-volume printer at home...the creaky LaserJet 5L downstairs is great for one or two things at a time, but when you load it up with a lot to print, you have to baby-sit it, because it tends to misfeed several sheets at a time and get jammed. Another of my honey-do/round-tuit projects is to take it apart and see if there's a broken or dirty mechanism in the paper feed, or whether it's just poorly designed.

I'm continuing my new trend--prettypammie and I will both be on Panels at Arisia: Collapse )

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