January 3rd, 2004

lookin' good

The bad part of the movie...

Someone assaulted prettypammie. We're now crafting our plot to make the movie theater's life a living hell.

Here's how it went down. We went to get our seats. There was a mostly empty row...one guy at one end, one guy about six seats in from the other...I asked him if these seats were taken. He said yes. I went around the front of the theater to the other side, and took the third seat in. As I sat down, I hear Pam shout out, in a voice that filled the auditorium: "Take your hands off me. I could file charges for assault. I'm not interested in your seats." I saw her standing in the row in front of the guy, trying to get past. I stood up, about to leap into the fray, but she was already past him.

She arrived and told me that he had held her by the waist and restrained her, telling her again "those seats are taken." (They weren't the seats she was heading for, but he was so focused on "his" seats that apparently didn't occur to him).

She went to complain to the management--they appeared to say something to him, but he was not ejected. We didn't call the police. Pam stewed through the whole movie, afraid of what this bully might do at the end of the film.

Pam's position is that such a thing would never happen in Virginia--and not just because the person being accosted might, quite legally, be packing her 9mm.