December 27th, 2003

lookin' good

We made it home...

...prettypammie is trying to get Quinn wound down.

I'm already unwound.

What a great trip, though--lots of good work done, some visiting--sadly almost all family, practically no friends...We missed flyingwolf, christilyn and her new babies, got to spend time with puzzledance and Mark only by virtue of needing to eat and shop on the same day. Might have seen Jeff, Marcy, voltbang, and chelona but for having to finish said shopping and get home. Might have gotten to see ROTK, too, but I guess that'll have to continue to wait.

I got The Year's Best Science Fiction, 2002, off my Amazon wish list...Yay! Gardner picks good stories.

When I come back for my next trip Hell or High Water, I will see some of my friends. I will, I will!
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lookin' good

Too funny...

Pam unwound instead of Quinn...she is asleep on the couch.

Quinn is still up. Time for me to intervene and point him at his bed. Okay, last story [A Swim from Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel] and he was ready--reluctantly--to sleep.
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